2016 EDS

Executive Development Seminar

Executive Development Seminar

Improve your business development skills

"…….then what is……?"

17 March - Berlin, Germany

This is a combined session for the Business Leaders of the Future and those of Today. Through a carefully managed process the two groups of people, EPTDA NexGen and Volunteers, will take a closelook at the needs of a business in today’s world that will help to ensure its on-going success.

This executive development seminar will be facilitated by John Miller, whose recent experience includes 4 years as European Distribution Director for SMC, setting up the foundations of a European network: 10 years as Group Development Director for Brammer plc, responsible for strategic and corporate development: and 20 years as Managing Partner of his own Business and Organisational Development Consultancy, working as a partner to CEOs and their teams, on the challenges of change, business development and growth across a range of industries operating in Europe.

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