2015 EDS

Executive Development Seminar

Executive Development Seminar

Improve in Services Marketing, After Sales Services and Customer Service

Rene Degen – Service Marketing

12 MARCH - Berlin, Germany

The session addressed the 3 questions that capture most of what services marketing is about:

• What: the service propositions that you offer, and how you develop into a more mature service offering

• How: relates to the strategy that you apply to bring your service propositions to your customers

• Who: deals with the skills that all the employees need for the company to be successful

Having a clear view on the subject allows a plan to be successfully put in place in order to deliver more value to the customer. The lecturer uses a model that he developed at the time he was director at Miele. René has used this model with all his customers, since then, from Philips Healthcare to Eneco, from Yokogawa to Biesheuvel Techniek.

About the Speaker

René, owner of Degen b.v., specializes in Services Marketing, After Sales Services, Customer Service Experience, Customer Insight, development of new service propositions and HRM. His broad experience has allowed him to advise a variety of companies in Western Europe, in various fields of interest. He worked as a consultant, professional educator, HRM Director and was After Sales Services Director at Miele, dealing with technical services, quality, training, customer contact, sales and professional services, with a focus on developing new businesses and expert systems. At present he is working internationally for companies such as Philips Healthcare, Yokogawa, Eneco, Biesheuvel Techniek and Elka Pieterman. He also gives lectures at universities and business schools.

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