2013 EDS

2013 session, March 14 - Istanbul, Turkey

The 2013 EPTDA Executive Development Seminars, featured an exclusive, innovative programme on Wind Energy – market perspectives, opportunities and technical synergies with the PT/MC industry. The speaker panel was composed of wind energy experts and mechanical engineers:

A Arapogianni

Ms. Athanasia Arapogianni, a mechanical engineer and MSc in wind energy. She has been at European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) for almost 4 years and is a senior research oficer in EWEA working on the costs of wind energy and the technology development of offshore wind power in Europe.

J Moccia

Mr. Jacopo Moccia has been at EWEA for 5 years and is, today, Head of Policy Analysis. Prior to joining EWEA he directed a small EU association in the automotive retail sector and was advisor to a Belgian regional minister for transport and energy.

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