2010 EDS

Executive Development Seminar

2010 edition

March 18 - Brussels, Belgium

The EPTDA welcomed successful Executive Development Seminars on March 18, 2010 on the occasion of its All Committees' Days and Board of Directors meetings hosted in Brussels, Belgium.

This half day programme featured a Welcome Lunch, two executive-level seminar sessions, allowing participants direct interaction with the speakers, and informal networking opportunities. This format guarantees a quality learning experience in a time and cost-effective way. The venue's ideal location just five minutes from Brussels International Airport ensured easy access to the facilities for a one-day drop-in programme.

In 2010, EPTDA selected distinguished speakers in the industry to share their hands-on experience on highly sought-after topics:

  • Customer Intimacy/Operations Excellence/Innovation - How will our market develop ? - How can we redesign our organization and systems accordingly, by Mr Ad van den Wildenberg
  • The Future Trends and Needs of our Market by Mr Wim Vancauwenberghe

About the speakers



Corporate Program Manager - RICOH

Ad joined Ricoh in September 1985 after a study in Marketing and held during his first years various Sales Management positions. After having been responsible for various Sales Divisions, including Direct, Indirect, Major and Key Accounts, he moved in 1996 into Services with the objective to set up and implement a new Services Strategy.

  • Customer centricity is key in the Ricoh strategy. To support this, CRM was the central point of focus in this Services Strategy with 3 pillars;
  • Change Management, CRM (Process as well as Tool) Implementation and Competence Management. The concrete benefits of this project in terms customer satisfaction as well as in profit contribution made RICOH decide to implement this strategy worldwide.
  • Having a solid background in Sales and Marketing, combined with the experience of implementing strategic change in a Services environment Ad started early 2002 focusing on the development and implementation of company wide Customer Centric strategies.

Ad is keen on optimizing both short term and long term benefits and in the meantime HAVING FUN.

Currently Ad is responsible for implementing company-wide strategy or, as he would say it himself; MAKING IT HAPPEN.



Secretary General of BEMAS

Wim Vancauwenberghe, MSc. in industrial engineering, is since 2000 society manager of Bemas, the Belgian Maintenance Association. He is also treasurer of the EFNMS, The European Federation of National Maintenance Societies.

Bemas is a non-profit organisation for both maintenance managers in the industry and suppliers & service providers in the maintenance sector. Based on this active network of maintenance professionals, Bemas has become a true knowledge sharing platform covering various fields of Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Production Reliability, Building & Facility Maintenance, Energy Management and Service Management.

By organizing the ‘Maintenance Manager of the Year' contest, Wim Vancauwenberghe has witnessed dozens of best practices in maintenance in top maintenance organisations in various industries. He also had the chance to meet some of the top maintenance guru's in the world.

As no other he understands that a lot of companies still have huge potential for improvement by narrowing the gap between maintenance and production / top management and by focusing on long term production reliability. Wim Vancauwenberghe is a true believer in the importance of maintenance and the maintenance profession. That is why some people call him Belgium's "Maintenance Evangelist"...

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