2009 EDS

Executive Development Seminar

2009 edition

March 26 - Malta

The 2009 edition of Executive Development Seminars featured Professor Jorge Vasconcellos to speak about "Risk - Peter Drucker on carving success out of crisis : what Peter Drucker would have told you". In his speech, Prof. Vasconcellos addressed the opportunities behind risk, managing in a time of crisis, changes and tomorrow's business and many other hints for managing risk and crisis.


A professor and business strategist, Jorge Vasconcellos has crafted a series of five conferences, with the objective of transmitting to modern managers the lessons from history's greatest battles. He proposes rich lessons for management leadership and competitive business maneuvering.

Professor Vasconcellos (Jean Monnet Chair) is a former Drucker student (at MBA and PhD level) and then went with his endorsement to obtain a PhD at Columbia University. He has worked as a private consultant and lecturer for multinational companies such as Shell, Unisys, IBM, Glaxo, BP-British Petroleum, Scottish & Newcastle, Sara Lee, Microsoft, Total, Metro, etc. and in universities such as Oxford, Manchester, etc. He is also President of the Office of Health Economics at the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Association.

The Executive Development Seminar is currently designed for the EPTDA volunteers who are involved in the committee and council work. To have a preview of Pr. Vasconcellos' presentation, (please click here).

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