2008 EDS

Executive Development Seminar

2008 edition

In 2008, EPTDA invited Mr. IAN LYNCH, a professional speaker, to present "The Importance of Happiness for Success" as part of the association's first Executive Development Training programme.

The Importance of Happiness for Success addresses the question, 'What really is success'? What is your definition of success?

Does your definition of success include a good proportion of happiness? Using the latest principles from Success Intelligence, this was an interactive workshop sharing ideas, suggestions and questions designed to help achieve greater happiness and success in the busy, manic and hyperactive workplaces we often inhabit. The workshop was an opportunity to stop, take a pit stop and to look at applying our very best wisdom to success.

EPTDA volunteers were invited to give some ideas and answer some questions. Discover the results now! CLICK HERE

The work of Success Intelligence and The Happiness Project has been taught and shared in over 100 global businesses, featured on 3 major TV documentaries, most recently on Oprah and to thousands of people through its public programs. Filled with anecdotes, stories and simple exercises, the workshops are a fun and insightful way to look at how we can be happier and more successful during these changing times.

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