Tailor-made education

Tailor-made education

These seminars address industry-related topics to enhance business expertise and leadership skills

The Executive Development Seminars address highly industry-related topics that help participants enhance their business expertise and leadership skills.

The programme offers hands-on insight into business practices and provides a pragmatic view of the challenges ahead. The format of these seminars allows direct interaction with the guest speakers, whilst also featuring high-profile networking opportunities – guaranteeing a quality learning experience in a time- and cost-effective way.

The Executive Development Seminars are currently delivered for free to the EPTDA Volunteers (Board, committee and council members) as a tangible benefit for their contribution to the development of the Association.

2018 EDS

Executive Development Seminar 1 ‘SELLING AND CAPTURING VALUE IN THE MARKET‘Presented by Marco BertiniThrough the "Selling and Capturing Value in the Market" presentation, Marco Bertini explains five...

2017 EDS

Executive Development Seminar ‘How to Build the New Industrial Sales Model’...

2016 EDS

Improve your business development skills

2015 EDS

Improve in Services Marketing, After Sales Services and Customer Service

2014 EDS

Improve competitiveness on Customer Service, Technology and Innovation

2013 EDS

2013 session, March 14 - Istanbul, TurkeyThe 2013 EPTDA Executive Development Seminars, featured an exclusive, innovative programme on Wind Energy – market perspectives, opportunities and technical synergies with the...

2011 EDS

The 2011 EPTDA Executive Development Seminars, hosted on 17 March 2011 in Brussels, Belgium, featured high-profile industry specialists who addressed crucial matters that concern industrial distribution today and in...

2008 EDS

Executive Development Seminar2008 editionIn 2008, EPTDA invited Mr. IAN LYNCH, a professional speaker, to present "The Importance of Happiness for Success" as part of the association's first Executiv...

2009 EDS

Executive Development Seminar2009 editionMarch 26 - Malta The 2009 edition of Executive Development Seminars featured Professor Jorge Vasconcellos to speak about "Risk - Peter Drucker on carving success out o...

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