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Many industries are characterized by an ever growing need for educated and well-trained people, partly because of demographic reasons but also due to the growing competition and volatility of the job market between and within the different industries.

Often the PT/MC industry experiences a growing competition for attracting the right people. EPTDA is aware of this fact and wishes to support its members today and in the future in providing the right strategies to hire and retain personnel. Dealing with the industry leaders on a daily basis, EPTDA is willing to introduce its members the latest developments of the industry through the offering of educational programmes at its annual meetings and other gatherings. EPTDA shows also its ambition to go even a step further in the near future by providing executive training / master classes. Its common objective is to contribute to the attendants' knowledge of various industry-related topics as well as to the personal development of everyone.

EPTDA offers several types of education and training.


As the leading organisation for distributors and manufacturers in the mechanical power transmission and motion control (PT/MC) industry, EPTDA provides appropriate training to its members to tackle the industry's most pressing needs and create an open debate about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


These seminars address industry-related topics to enhance business expertise and leadership skills


Publish your available internship and apprenticeship programmes, and possible research project on the EPTDA board to bridge the gap between the needs in the PT/MC industry for next generation of qualified, motivated professionals.


This service aims to help EPTDA members and PT/MC professionals to optimise their talents and vacancies by posting job offers and requests. EPTDA offers a trusted platform for quality-driven companies and ambitious PT/MC professionals.


The EPTDA announces interesting educational programmes offered by the University of Industrial Distribution (UID), USA.

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