National Coordinators

Breaking language barriers

Breaking language barriers

Your local point of contact for inquiries about EPTDA

In 2008, the EPTDA established an active network of National Coordinators in Europe with the general aim of expanding its membership and raising its brand awareness, whilst considering local reality and needs... and languages!

Today, the EPTDA has seven national “ambassadors” acting as a local point of contact and dedicated to addressing the queries of national EPTDA members and potential contacts about the benefits of EPTDA membership, programmes and events.

The EPTDA is now geared to meet the specific requirements of the hugely-diverse European market and its stakeholders. Members interested in joining the national coordinators’ network, and benefiting from the Special Incentive Programme for recruiting new members, should contact EPTDA.

Eastern European coordinator: Mr. Zoltan Arkovics

Managing Director, BDI Europe Ltd. - Hungary

Dutch coordinator: Mr. Meino Noordenbos

CEO Benelux, RUBIX-Benelux - The Netherlands

German coordinator: Mrs. Elisabeth Meister

General Manager, Ludwig Meister GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

Greek coordinator: Mr. Athanasios Kouimtzis

General Manager, Kouimtzis s.a. - Greece

Italian coordinator: Mr. Roberto Cugnaschi

Vice General Manager, Mondial S.p.A. - Italy

Middle East & Africa coordinator: Mr. Hassanein Alwan

Managing Director, Mineral Circles Bearings - United Arab Emirates

Scandinavian coordinator: Mr. Jan Friman

Sales Director, YTM-Industrial OY - Finland

Spanish coordinator: Mrs. Elena Azcue Taberna

Manager, Sociedad Industrial de Transmisiones - Spain

UK coordinator: Mr. Paul Desmond Spillings

Managing Director, Acorn Industrial Services Ltd - UK

For all additional information about EPTDA’s National Coordinators, please contact the EPTDA Bureau at [email protected]

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