Committees & Council

Meet the EPTDA Volunteers

Meet the EPTDA Volunteers

Dedicated Volunteers work behind the scene to advance EPTDA and the industry

Dedicated committees exist in order to meet the specific goals and activities of the Association.The committees are composed of volunteer members who believe in an active effort to take the association further, and contribute to progress in the industry. EPTDA thanks all volunteers past and present for their incredible commitment to the association !

To apply for committee membership, click here to download the form, fill it in and send it back to the EPTDA Bureau at [email protected]

The committees and council meet twice a year, in March and September (check the calendar of EPTDA upcoming events for future dates).

Distribution Development Committee

The Distribution Development Committee (DDC) is responsible for ensuring “member development”, promoting and developing business best practices and education at executive level: providing a relevant executive educ...

Manufacturer Council

Voicing the interests of the manufacturing communicty and joining forces with distribution for more effective and profitable business

Know Your Market Committee

Continually improving intelligence reports and market trend analyses that help distributors and manufacturers to make well-informed business decisions

Events and Education Committee

Fostering networking opportunities, provide business meeting platforms for PT/MC professionals and create educational programmes

EPTDA 2019 – Production Line Intelligence, Material Handling

PLI 3: Automotive Industry

PLI 2: Confectionery Industry

PLI 1: Soft Drinks Industry

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