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Thompson Couplings Limited

Thompson Couplings are a manufacturer of patented high-quality driveline solutions with a range of products that reduce vibration, require no laser alignment and minimal to zero maintenance. They are quick and easy to install which results in reduced downtime and operating costs with an extended running life.
Thompson Couplings are a smart choice when it comes to using cutting edge technology to drive operational efficiencies critical to the success of modern industry.
Thompson couplings offer the following benefits:
1. Increase the productivity of the organisation;
2. Reduce unscheduled maintenance costs;
3. Removes the need to regularly stop machines to complete Laser Aligning.
4. Reduce energy costs of between 2.5% to 10%;
5. Work in harsh environments;
6. Have a long warranty in most circumstances.
7. ATEX rated and ISO certified.

Thompson Couplings absorb vibration from both motor and driven shaft because of our couplings ability to accept vibration caused by mis-alignment or soft footings.
Due to our coupling absorbing the vibrations, the coupling protects the bearings and housing of the motor and/or pump/gearbox etc. This is a common cause of failure and unscheduled downtime.
Thompson Couplings protect the motor and driven shaft, unscheduled maintenance is dramatically reduced, this leads to an increase in production and reduced maintenance costs.
Thompson Couplings are up to 99% energy efficient with a minimum of 79%, so this greatly reduces heat and friction, therefore the energy savings to the end-user are quite significant.
Thompson Couplings are suited to harsh operating environments and are easily incorporated in any design plan or operating drive system. The opportunity to retro fit as part of a replacement or upgrade is a huge advantage. The couplings and joints can be used across a broad range of industries, ie driving Coke Hot Carts, Steel Mills, Oil refineries, Paper Mills, Food Plants, marine, monorails etc. Thompson couplings work in high temperatures and dust filled areas.
We at Thompson Couplings believe “Quality makes the difference”.


Unit 3/14 Rodwell Street

PO Box 141 Sunnybank Queensland

Archerfield Brisbane
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Ukraine, United Kingdom,
June 2007

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