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Since 160 years, Hutchinson provides high performance rubber products for automotive, aerospace and industry and pushes technological limits further each day to offer greater comfort and safety for structures and people.
Hutchinson O-Ring Division designs, develops and manufactures high quality sealing solutions such as O-Rings, X-Rings, special shaped rings, gaskets and flange seals.
We serve OEM & MRO from all industrial markets like Oil&Gas, motion, automotive & trucks, off-road, energy, heating, hydraulic or pneumatic. Our mission is to ensure protection of the equipment and peace of mind for clients and final users by always providing the optimal sealing solutions.
We develop and produce our rubber compounds in our own mixing plants, assuring consistency and highest quality for our customers.
A wide compound range, from NBR to low temperatures FKM, including EPDM, HNBR, AEM, IIR, VMQ, ACM, FFKM and FVMQ enables to design sealing solutions for a large range of applications from low to high pressure, from 50 to 98 Shore A, at very low and very high temperatures (T° from -70°C to 250°C).
Hundreds of compounds with approvals for oil (NORSOK & TOTAL), gas (UL, EN549), water (KIWA…), food (FDA), hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
The PFS Flange Seals (rubber-to-metal bonded seals) can replace existing gaskets with enhanced sealing capability. They are reusable and can be considered as seals for life. They are particularly recommended in hot water, steam, gas, oil and chemical fluid transport systems where bolted flanges are used to connect pipe work.
All provided parts are manufactured exclusively in our plants, by injection or compression, using the highest standard in the industry in order to meet the safety and durability requirements of the markets.
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