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TRM is a consolidated and specialized industrial supplier of linear motion and positioning solutions, and mechanical transmission components and bearings. Ever since its inception, way back in 1989, the company has skilfully made its mark by selecting top quality products and industrial partners, focusing on the level of specialization, and aiming at dimensional and geographical expansion. TRM has also consolidated its operational presence in Asia, and through its organization the company is able to offer a value added service to its customers for the delivery of rotary and linear motion products & solutions, standard and customized, used in all application fields of mechatronics. The focus on continuous technological evolution in the field of application of automation, and precision mechanical engineering, has enabled TRM to expand its product portfolio, by combining its own product brands and the distribution of some the most well-known brands. Thanks to company’s alliances with highly qualified partners and factories, and through the experience in the supply to OEM customers, according to just in time and kan ban logics, TRM is able to guarantee a dedicated and tailored service to end users, distributors and resellers. Since January 2018 the company has been appointed as ISB Linear Systems Center, aimed at serving the worldwide market with standard and customized solutions as for linear motion products and components. Customers can count on a wide and vast assortments of different product lines, a full range of linear motion products and accessories always available in stock and ready for delivery. A dedicated workshop with advanced equipment is ready to carry out several end-machining operations and customise linear motion products for any specific requirements. TRM headquarters is located in the Northeast Italy, nearby Bologna.


2 Agosto 1980, 29

San Giorgio di Piano

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