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EPIDOR Technical Distribution is a specialist company, leader in the distribution of high-quality products and services for the industry, and it is present throughout Spain and Portugal.
With its clear vocation to service and proximity to its more than 12.500 industrial customers, EPIDOR Technical Distribution includes all of the products and services of the five product specialties of its Group EPI INDUSTRIES Family of Companies: Power Transmission and Motion Control, Mechanical Seals, Sealing, Maintenance Products and Fasteners.
This wide range of solutions is further enhanced by the specific development of proximity logistics and technical services that allow our customers to manufacture more competitive products and develop more efficient production processes.
Customer proximity is achieved through a multi-channel strategy with resources distributed throughout the country, through Branches, Stores and Associated Distributors, telephone assistance and online service through our extranet.
Since 1965, EPIDOR Technical Distribution has accumulated a significant base of international premium suppliers together with a rich portfolio of niche specialized manufacturers, which has ended in an extensive response capacity to customer needs. Additionally, EPIDOR Technical Distribution has developed inside product and service expertise including capacity for designing and produce its own products and solutions for customer applications and delivering Inventory Management Systems such as vending machines and two bins Kan Ban solutions for MRO and OEM requirements.
Everything surrounded by a quality Management system which brings a trustful commercial and technical support to our customers, looking for their satisfaction and trust.


P.I . Els Batzacs. C/ Xops, 5

Lliçà de Vall
Portugal, Spain,


Bearings Belts and belt drives Chains and chain drives Couplings Hydraulics Linear Motion Industry Specialty Chemicals Pneumatics Seals Others
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